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How Can Teachers Cultivate a Growth Mindset in Their Students?

By tutorsvalley December 21st,2019

One day, two best friends met at their usual hangout place. They talked about everything under the sun, and the topic changed to one of their classmates at school. The so-called classmate excelled in singing, and the first friend admitted that in her case, she isn't a good singer. To this, the second friend replied that no one is a born singer, and one can acquire the skill through constant practice. With this conversation, it is evident that mindset sounds simple, but it is an intensely

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Prove that the integral of tan x is integral of sec x + C where C is a constant?

By tutorsvalley December 18th,2019

Here find the proof of integral of tan x is integral of sec x + C where C is a constant with alternative solutions.  

Solution 1 - Integral of tan x is:






Assume, u=cos(x)


⟹du=d dx cos(x)dx






Substitution of x in I gives us,


I=∫−1u du




Substitution of u, gives us,


I=−ln (|cos(x)|)+C


Solution 2


(integral) tan x dx = - ln |COs x| + C


= ln | (COs x)-1 | + C


= ln |sec x| + C




(integral) tan x dx = - ln |COs x| + C


= ln |sec x| + C


Solution 3


(integral) tan

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Learn How To Find The Ideal English Tutor For English Classes

By tutorsvalley December 12th,2019

English tutors are of great demand owing to the reason that there is an increasing importance for good writing, reading, and comprehension, especially for educational institutions and employers.  Seeking support from an English tutor is a great idea to create a very noticeable effect on your exam results if you are in a school or university.

If you have stumbled on your way to learning English and can't make heads or tails of it, then tutoring is going to help

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How a Physics And Math Tutor Can Improve Your Child's Knowledge In Math And Physics?

By tutorsvalley December 6th,2019

Mathematics can be described as"the abstract science of number, quantity, and space" while Physics is known as "the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energy." Physics makes use of Mathematics. Equations, Formulas and numerical concepts are the basic things in Physics.

Equations and terms of math are similar to that of Physics. Hence if you are someone who scores an A-grade in Math, then you can score in Physics too. Physics at a higher level needs a lot of application of

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Tips For Connecting With English Language Students

By tutorsvalley November 27th,2019

Being the primary language of various countries, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Being the chief language of countries like Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand etc, English plays a significant role in our day-to-day lives. English is an ever-evolving language.

Presently English is used as an official language in India. English emerged as a second language in a country like India. In schools, English is taught as a foreign language and more and these days more students opt

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How To Better Remember The Materials You Study?

By tutorsvalley November 18th,2019

There is an anonymous saying that "If you study to remember you will forget, but if you study to understand, you will remember." Studying becomes worthwhile only when you are able to recollect what you have learned so far and utilize it whenever you find a need for it. The traditional way of learning as well as online tutoring emphasizes on repetitive learning that has a lot of benefits like enhanced speed, develops confidence and increases connections inside the brain, and therefore we can rightly answer

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How A Tutor Can Make Students More Creative In Their Academics?

By tutorsvalley November 8th,2019

With each passing day, education becomes more digital. This would be a great thing for students since they get an opportunity to discover a plethora of resources beneficial for learning online and utilize the ones which are suitable for your learning method. If you ever tried to realize your learning style and find learning resources online, which is congenial with your learning pace, then you can assure good grades. If you are weak at studies, then you have an option for hiring an online tutor.

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Math Tutoring Sessions?

By tutorsvalley October 30th,2019

Suppose if you question a student regarding their most difficult subject in school, then most of them find math as the most troublesome subject. There is a conventional notion that if you score poorly in math, then it will be improbable to score well in the subject. But it’s not the same with every student since some students perceive math simple and regard it as their favorite subject. In the case of poor-performing students, math tutors come into rescue in most of the cases and accordingly,

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How Online Tutoring Help Your Child More Compared To Traditional Tutoring?

By tutorsvalley October 23rd,2019

Technology is ever-evolving with more and more innovations coming up in each second. It took hold of the way we learn and influenced the way we learn things. These days more people are drawn to the concept of online tutoring. The number of students acquiring online tutoring is advancing, but this doesn’t imply that traditional tutoring is nearing its end. Online tutoring is the most effective way through which a child’s academic progress could improve. Any of the options are perfect, neither Online tutoring nor traditional

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What Makes A Successful English Tutor?

By tutorsvalley October 15th,2019

The number of students learning English as a second language is drastically improving, but the tutors are not in proportion with it. Despite having training and qualifications, a tutor should possess many skills that are essential to get the best output from them. An imaginative English tutor will make the tutoring lively and engaging. If there is no imagination, tutoring will be simply for learning. Students won’t think beyond their syllabus. Therefore, you need to be a highly imaginative tutor which makes you a successful tutor.

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Future Of Personalized Learning Through Online Tutoring

By tutorsvalley October 4th,2019

The demand for online tutoring is growing rapidly, leading to a need for more online tutors. Online tutoring gets more priority than traditional tutoring these days. The smarter environment created by online tutoring gives enough comfort at home and learning pace to the student. Henceforth, studying becomes easier when more innovations come up. The future envisioned by the founders of online tutoring has finally come true. Many schools and colleges are active in using private tutors to improve a student’s learning. The opportunities that

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Different Ways To Know If Your Child Needs A Maths Tutor

By tutorsvalley September 25th,2019

  • Have you ever noticed that your child struggling with mathematics?   
  • Are their struggles creating stressful situations?
  • Does your busy schedules prevent you from having the time to take care of your child’s difficulties with maths?
  Do not worry. You are not alone. Every parent's has gone through a similar situation. Maths is always a difficult subject for people, regardless of age and so the necessity for a maths tutor arises. Private tutors help by making it easier for your children to unleash their

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Why UK Pupils choose Private Tuition?

By tutorsvalley September 13th,2019

The market for private tuition has been on the rise in the past few years. Sharp rise in children receiving private tuition, a report from The Guardian clearly states that the number of students who took private tuition has gone up from 18% in 2005 to 25%in 2016 and is still going on increasing. A survey report given out by the Independent, states that Private tutors are being used by quarter of secondary school students. One of the main

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How To Get Grade 9 In GCSE Maths?

By tutorsvalley September 3rd,2019

Obtaining grade 9 in GCSE maths is a highly useful skill and a qualification towards higher education and other opportunities. However, many students do not appreciate the importance of getting grade 9 in exams for their future prospects. By following the helpful notes and guidance outlined here you can score top grades in GCSE maths exams.

Practice Exam Papers

A common approach  for students is to memorize as many formulas as they can, “parrot fashion”. However, if you do not

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Planning Ahead ...

By tutorsvalley January 25th,2018

All children progress at different rates but to get a good start in secondary school we need to make sure pupils are at a certain level as they near the end of Year 6. Whatever path they are following; comprehensive, grammar or private school support at this important transition point is imperative and can help to avoid a lot of anxiety. It can also help build confidence and self esteem. With average class sizes of 30 pupils in state schools it can be hugely beneficial for a student to have 1-1

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Avoid Summer Learning Loss

By tutorsvalley July 22nd,2017

The long awaited summer holidays are finally here; time to relax, rest & get together with friends & family. But at this time of year, many parents will also worry about whether their children will fall behind over the long 6 week break. Many studies have demonstrated Summer Learning Loss - where students forget a lot of what they have been taught in the previous school year. This is imperative for students with important exams in the next academic year; there is no time to waste on revisiting topics. They need

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Discover New Learning Possibilities With Our IB-GESE Tutors

By tutorsvalley November 21st,2016

GESE and IB exam tutors are experts in their subject area and give you the help and support you need to pass your examinations and they can also support you develop your skills and knowledge of English Language. Private tuition is always unique for each individual learner because lessons are tailored around the needs of the learner.

Here at Tutors Valley, not only do we offer online courses as well as private tutoring at primary, secondary and further education level, we also offer

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Leap Ahead Of Your Subjects With Our Secondary School Tutors

By tutorsvalley November 15th,2016

Secondary school tutors hired for private tuition can be a very valuable asset.  They provide one-to-one tailored tuition and this can really help your child at such a crucial time in their life, as core subjects become increasingly difficult.  Secondary school can be a challenge and these challenges prepare your child for their future. The whole experience of secondary school education is to build confidence and develop the skills we need for our future and private tuition can enhance the skills your child is learning, or

Tags: Private tuition for Secondary schools, Secondary school tuition, secondary school tutors, Tutors for Secondary schools
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Right Place To Get...Right IT Career Support | Tutors valley IT courses

By tutorsvalley October 10th,2016

Finding a job and career progression can be very difficult in such a competitive market.  It’s never been more important to ensure that you stand out from the crowd and show employers that you are different from every other applicant.  One way to develop your knowledge and skills is by completing qualifications or training courses.  Carrying out a development opportunity can really set you apart from others and give you a stronger chance of progression.  You can start your mission to climb the ladder now, by signing up

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Make Your Lessons Simple With Our Gcse Physics Tutors

By tutorsvalley September 10th,2016

If you are studying for your GCSEs soon, and are looking for GCSE physics tutors to help you succeed then you should certainly read on.  Private physics tutors can certainly help you to reach your potential which in turn can help you secure your future!

  Gcse physics tutors      

Physics is a complex subject.  Here in Britain, science is a core subject always studied until the age of 16.  Some schools opt for combined science, whereas in

Tags: Gcse Online, GCSe physics, GCSE physics online, GCSE physics private tutors, Online Phsics tutors, private tutors for gcse
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Explore The Idea Of Chemistry With Our Gcse Chemistry Tutors

By tutorsvalley September 1st,2016

GCSE chemistry tutors are experts in the field of chemistry. Science is one of the key subjects studied in schools in the UK and it’s a mandatory subject requirement for certain careers. Hiring private tutors can certainly help you to secure your university place and your career!

  GCSE Chemistry tutors      

If you plan on becoming a primary or secondary school teacher in the future for instance, science is a mandatory qualification at GCSE

Tags: Chemistry tuition, Chemistry tutors, Gcse chemistry tutors, Gcse online tuitions, Learn chemistry online, Private tuition for gcse chemistry
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Boost Your Ideas With Our Alevel Physics Tutors

By tutorsvalley August 26th,2016

Physics is one of the main sciences studied in the UK.  There are three major sciences studied at both GCSE and A-Level and they are chemistry, biology and physics.  There is a shortage of good A-level physics tutors in the UK.  Physics is a complex science subject, especially at A-level, and you can study the syllabus for the qualification with three different awarding bodies: Edexcel, OCR and AQA. Although the syllabus for each awarding body differs, they often cover the same and very similar

Tags: A level physics online tutors, A level physics private tutors, A level physics tuition, A level Physics tutors, A level tutors, physicstutors, Private tuition for A level physics
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How to get your child the best Gcse English Tutors.

By tutorsvalley August 18th,2016

English is a subject studied all over the world, and it’s especially important in the UK.  You might want to hire private GCSE English tutors  if your child is studying for an important milestone in their life, like their GCSE examinations.  If your child wants to study A-levels and has high hopes to gain a prestigious university place in the future, it’s essential that they get the best possible grades at GCSE level.  This is often the starting point of their future career!

Tags: English tutors online, Gcse english tuition, Gcse english tutors, Gcse tutors, Home tuition for Gcse english, Private tuition for Gcse
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Learn maths with qualified Gcse maths tutors..

By tutorsvalley August 17th,2016

There are many benefits of hiring a private tutor.  GCSE Maths tutors in particular, can be a very important part of your child’s learning and can play an important role in ensuring your child gets the best grades possible.  Maths tutors have many roles, and it is not simply to solely teach maths. It’s also a GCSE private tutor’s role to help instil confidence in your child and get to the bottom of any barriers preventing them performing to their best capabilities. Tutors do not

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Master the Skills of History Tutors at Tutors Valley

By tutorsvalley August 3rd,2016

History is a very interesting subject taught by Primary History tutors because it gives students the opportunity to explore what happened in the past and the different revolutionary periods that occurred over the centuries. Although it is not a tested subject in primary school like maths, English, and science, the subject of history is on the national curriculum and therefore schools are expected to teach this to primary-aged children. History is a much wider subject than it is often given credit for like English literature and science!

Tags: history private tuition, history tuition online, History tutors, home tutors, online tutors for history, Primary history tutors, Private history tutors
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Excel your career with Tutors valley Primary science tutors.

By tutorsvalley August 3rd,2016

We are all aware of the changes in education.  It’s all about challenging children, raising the bar, and increasing standards.  Standardizing a child’s education is difficult, because all children learn at different paces and in different ways.  Science is such a specialist subject, yet in primary education, Primary science tutors have to  obtain a GCSE in science in order to teach your child.  Once we head into secondary education, there is a huge jump because a science teacher has to have science degree as well as

Tags: Primary science tutors, Primary tutors, science tuition for primary schools, science tuition in UK, Science tutors
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Qualified business studies tutors |Tutors valley

By tutorsvalley July 19th,2016

Are you studying for an A-level in business studies? Would you benefit from business studies tuition to help you achieve?  At Tutors Valley, A-level Business studies tutors are ready to begin tutoring you!

If you plan on studying business at university, you will understand just how important your business studies A-level is.  Your university may require you to score C and above in this subject in order to secure your place.  If you want to attend a prestigious university, it’s particularly important to get a

Tags: Business studied tutors, Privatetutors, tutors for business studies
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Degree tutors, Private degree tuition | Tutors valley

By tutorsvalley July 19th,2016

Everyone completing a degree course wants to get the best possible outcome. Getting a higher grade gives you that edge and it can mean that you are first in line for that job interview or that prestigious university for your postgraduate degree – whatever the reason, it’s your future and you certainly need to do what it takes to be the best you can be. Sometimes, there might be something you don’t quite understand or something you need just a little extra support with. Degree Tutors are

Tags: degree courses in UK, Degree tutors, online degree, Private Degree tuition
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Avail the best Maths tuition with Tutors valley tutors

By tutorsvalley July 4th,2016

Maths is a complex subject and it’s important that the online maths tutors are well informed on all areas of maths to help their students effectively.Maths tuition is imperative and a lot of further and higher education establishments will not accept applicants who haven’t achieved in their GCSE for this subject. English is also needed and science is also another common requirement too.

Private maths tuition is desirable by lots of parents for their children to help them succeed, especially in an important topic such as maths.        
Tags: maths private tuitions, Maths tuition, maths tutors in London, Online maths tutors, Private maths tutors
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A level tutors London,Private A level tuitions | Tutors valley

By tutorsvalley July 4th,2016

A-level tuition in the UK are a popular choice of qualification for those who want to progress to higher education in the future. Private A-level tutors can help to prepare a student to learn at this level, whilst giving them subject specialism support.

In education we often have to make many educational choices that help us to determine our prospective careers. In primary school, a child studies a range of subjects as well as those included in the national curriculum. The subjects a child learns

Tags: A level private tuition, A level tuition, A level tutors, Home tuition, private tutors, Private tutors for A level
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13 plus tutors Blog: Tutors for 13 plus exam - Tutorsvalley

By tutorsvalley June 20th,2016

The 13 plus exam is used predominantly to assess boys or mixed school children in year 8.  Students requiring entry to all girls’ schools are assessed at an earlier age, in year 6.  Some parents prepare their child by hiring  private 13 plus exam tutors. How do you know which to choose for your children?Almost all independent schools in the UK expect children to sit the 13 plus exam.  This is a common entry exam and it’s often used as a way to select the most talented students.  Public

Tags: 13 plus exams, 13 plus tutors, private tutors
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11 plus Tuition :Learn with online tutors |Tutors valley

By tutorsvalley June 20th,2016

Hiring  11 plus exam tutors  are certainly an option considered by most parents.Preparing your child for the 11 plus exam can be challenging for any child. A lot of parents are concerned about how their child performs in the 11 plus, but due to other commitments are unable to dedicate their own time to help their child to prepare. We all want to support our children through this stressful time, and  The 11 plus exam is regularly used as a common entry exam for children in year 6.

Tags: 11 plus tutors, 11+ exam tutors, private tuition for 11 plus, private tutors
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Blog | Primary School Tuition in UK - Qualified Private Tutors

By tutorsvalley June 7th,2016

Primary School Tuition  

Primary school tuition in UK has been under a lot of scrutiny lately with the implementation of the new, ad relatively more difficult, Sat’s papers for year 2 and year 6 children in the UK.

Many parents in the UK have turned to private tutors in a bid to improve their child’s knowledge and supplement their school education.  Private tutors in the UK are able to offer one-to-one tailored support of children who are of

Tags: English tutors, home tuitions for primary students, Maths tutors, Primary maths tuition, Primary tutors in UK, private tutors, private tutors for primary schools
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UK’s NO.1 Private Tutoring Company

By tutorsvalley June 7th,2016

Private Tutors UK

Education so important, so is it any wonder that the Private tutors UK Tutors Valley is the UK’s No1 Private Tutoring Company?  They pride themselves on their constant commitment to innovation and change, in an attempt to push the learning experience to a whole new level.

In an ever-changing society, flexibility is important to us all because it makes life so much easier.  We all strive to improve our own (or

Tags: A level tuition, GCSE tuition, Home tutors in London, online tutors, primary school tuition, private tutors in uk
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Primary tests: What are the changes?

By tutorsvalley May 10th,2016

Year 6 pupils across England are sitting new, more rigorous, national curriculum tests, known as Sats. The BBC News website answers some of the key questions about changes to - and complications with - the tests this year.

What are the changes to national curriculum tests (Sats) this year?

Children in Year 2 (aged 6-7) and Year 6 (aged 10 and 11) are the first cohort to take new, more rigorous Sats tests this summer term. Children will still sit tests in reading, maths and spelling, punctuation and grammar. But the

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By tutorsvalley May 2nd,2016

Tutors Valley invites you to meet our tutors by booking a free trial lesson. All of our  tutors are highly trained and experienced in their respective areas and all have extensive subject knowledge. Our tutors teach across education stages and levels, offer real choice for students of all ages. From 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance exams to GCSEs, A Levels, primary, and International Baccalaureate, our specialist mathematics, English and science tutors will help you achieve your learning goals. In our virtual classroom, student and tutor see and talk to

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What Is Online Tutorial

By tutorsvalley May 2nd,2016

Online tutoring is the future of private tuition at your fingertips. Using cutting-edge technology to create virtual classrooms, we bring together expert tutors and students of all levels and subjects. In our virtual classroom, student and tutor see and talk to each other as they would in a real classroom, with the added advantage of being able to share a whiteboard via a writing tablet, and all from the comfort of home. No matter where students are in the world, they simply book a tutorial session

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