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Planning Ahead ...

By tutorsvalley January 25th,2018

All children progress at different rates but to get a good start in secondary school we need to make sure pupils are at a certain level as they near the end of Year 6. Whatever path they are following; comprehensive, grammar or private school support at this important transition point is imperative and can help to avoid a lot of anxiety. It can also help build confidence and self esteem. With average class sizes of 30 pupils in state schools it can be hugely beneficial for a student to have 1-1

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Avoid Summer Learning Loss

By tutorsvalley July 22nd,2017

The long awaited summer holidays are finally here; time to relax, rest & get together with friends & family. But at this time of year, many parents will also worry about whether their children will fall behind over the long 6 week break. Many studies have demonstrated Summer Learning Loss - where students forget a lot of what they have been taught in the previous school year. This is imperative for students with important exams in the next academic year; there is no time to waste on revisiting topics. They need

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Discover New Learning Possibilities With Our IB-GESE Tutors

By tutorsvalley November 21st,2016

GESE and IB exam tutors are experts in their subject area and give you the help and support you need to pass your examinations and they can also support you develop your skills and knowledge of English Language. Private tuition is always unique for each individual learner because lessons are tailored around the needs of the learner.

Here at Tutors Valley, not only do we offer online courses as well as private tutoring at primary, secondary and further education level, we also offer

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Leap Ahead Of Your Subjects With Our Secondary School Tutors

By tutorsvalley November 15th,2016

Secondary school tutors hired for private tuition can be a very valuable asset.  They provide one-to-one tailored tuition and this can really help your child at such a crucial time in their life, as core subjects become increasingly difficult.  Secondary school can be a challenge and these challenges prepare your child for their future. The whole experience of secondary school education is to build confidence and develop the skills we need for our future and private tuition can enhance the skills your child is learning, or

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Right Place To Get...Right IT Career Support | Tutors valley IT courses

By tutorsvalley October 10th,2016

Finding a job and career progression can be very difficult in such a competitive market.  It’s never been more important to ensure that you stand out from the crowd and show employers that you are different from every other applicant.  One way to develop your knowledge and skills is by completing qualifications or training courses.  Carrying out a development opportunity can really set you apart from others and give you a stronger chance of progression.  You can start your mission to climb the ladder now, by signing up

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