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Leap Ahead Of Your Subjects With Our Secondary School Tutors

By tutorsvalley November 15th,2016

Secondary school tutors hired for private tuition can be a very valuable asset.  They provide one-to-one tailored tuition and this can really help your child at such a crucial time in their life, as core subjects become increasingly difficult.  Secondary school can be a challenge and these challenges prepare your child for their future. The whole experience of secondary school education is to build confidence and develop the skills we need for our future and private tuition can enhance the skills your child is learning, or has already learned and even adds further to their knowledge and understanding.  This extra tuition is certainly worth investment because it gives children a head-start, especially in light of recent educational reforms.

  Secondary school tutors  

The transition from primary to secondary school is a huge jump.  Teaching changes as children are introduced to new topics and have different teachers for each specific subject area.  Your child has enough to worry as they start a new school as they begin making new friends and settling into a new school life and a new way of learning. If your child struggled before or as they start to learn at key stage 3 level, it could mean they fall even further behind. Private tuition is an excellent way to support your child, to help them increase their confidence, and also help them improve and develop their grades.


Your child may already be in secondary school and you may be concerned, as a lot of parents are, in light of the recent reforms to the GCSE and A level curriculums.  There is no doubt, these qualifications are becoming increasingly harder. With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to make sure that children are not in danger of falling behind during their time at secondary school as this is a crucial stage.  This is especially important during examination periods.  Secondary school tutors hired for private tuition can certainly help your child get ready for examinations by working with them on areas that they need extra support with.


The beauty of private tuition is that there is a subject specialist tutor for every subject and secondary school tutors are available to teach at both key stage 3 and key stage 4. Tuition is available in core subjects like maths, English, and science, and a tutor would be assigned who had expertise in each particular area. Secondary school tuition is also available in other subjects, like history, geography, music, and computing.

  Secondary school tutors  

With Tutors Valley, we pride ourselves on innovation as all lessons are interactive and completed via an online classroom.  This means that they are a very useful revision tool, as lessons are recorded and can be revisited at any time.  An important skill for children to learn as they reach key stage 3 and 4 is to learn independently and online lessons embed important research skills into the learning environment in order to prepare them for GCSEs A levels and degrees in the future.  If children learn to do this at an early stage it sets the standard for the future and makes research second nature. The benefits of having a specialist tutor is that focused revision plans can be put in place to help them gain these necessary research skills, as well as gaining knowledge and understanding from professional exam-related material that will prepare them for any challenge they face in school.


With course content becoming more and more demanding is it any wonder that both parents and children are concerned?  Education is competitive, and if you want your child to succeed in education it’s important to instil confidence into them as early as possible and a private secondary school tutor can do this.  It’s never too early to be prepared for future exams and the earlier that learners begin to get ready for, the more likely to succeed and increase their grades.


Tutors Valley strives for success and our specialist secondary school tutors ensure that the success of our learners’ is our priority!

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