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Discover New Learning Possibilities With Our IB-GESE Tutors

By tutorsvalley November 21st,2016

GESE and IB exam tutors are experts in their subject area and give you the help and support you need to pass your examinations and they can also support you develop your skills and knowledge of English Language. Private tuition is always unique for each individual learner because lessons are tailored around the needs of the learner.

Here at Tutors Valley, not only do we offer online courses as well as private tutoring at primary, secondary and further education level, we also offer International Baccalaureate (IB) and Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) tutoring too!


There are four different test levels for our Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE); Initial, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. These are accredited examinations by Trinity College, and they are recognised throughout the UK.


GESE and IB exam tutors  are available in all locations, for example we have GESE tutors in London, GESE tutors in Manchester, GESE tutors in Birmingham. Location is never an actual issue with Tutors Valley as tuition is available through an online classroom, and although examinations have to be sat in a test centre, there are Trinity Test centres in every region and testing can be completed throughout the whole of the year.


As learning is online, you could live in Newcastle upon Tyne but you might have a GESE tutor in London, or you could live in Southampton and your GESE tutor in Birmingham.  With online learning, location is not a concern and you get the best of both worlds, because you have the best tutor to meet your needs but you can take your lesson anywhere providing you have internet connection.  For instance, GESE tutors in Manchester could still provide you with your online session even if you were on holiday in Scotland, as long as you had internet connection. Online learning is flexible and truly innovative!


The great thing about the IB programme is that it’s a popular diploma programme with global cachet. Both our GESE and IB Exam Tutors have years of experience of supporting both children and adults. We have IB tutors that specialist in Primary Years Programme, the Middle Years Programme, and the Diploma Programme. We also have tutors who can guide students through the University application process.  The beauty of the IB education is that it centres on learners needs.  IB exams online tutoring is innovative as you study in a virtual classroom and your lessons are recorded. There are IB tutors available in all major cities, for example there are IB tutors in London, IB tutors in Manchester, and IB tutors in Birmingham. Even if your tutors are from those cities, you can live anywhere in the UK.  You might live in Scotland for instance and your tutor could be an IB tutor in London Woking, but as lessons are online, you still have the opportunity to have the tutor that is best matched to the learner and meets their needs.  IB exam tutors are there for you.

    GESE and IB exam tutors    

International Baccalaureate is an important diploma and here at Tutors Valley, we appreciate that both children and adults often have a busy schedule.  That’s why online learning is great; because of the flexibility it offers.  We have tutors working in all major cities and counties and our IB tutors in London Woking, might take students in Crawley, and IB tutors in Manchester might have learners that live outside of Manchester, but in both cases it’s fine because lessons take place via internet connection so your IB exams online tutoring can take place whilst you are in any location, providing you have internet connection so there is very little reason to cancel.  This benefits everyone: both student and tutor.


Both GESE and IB diplomas are recognised throughout the UK and Tutors Valley can match you with the GESE and IB exam tutors that are the best match for you.  The right tutor is put in place to cater for learner’s needs and it’s good to remember that online learning is not only flexible, it’s also cost effective!


Take charge of your future today and sign up with us, if you want success!

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