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Avoid Summer Learning Loss

By tutorsvalley July 22nd,2017

The long awaited summer holidays are finally here; time to relax, rest & get together with friends & family. But at this time of year, many parents will also worry about whether their children will fall behind over the long 6 week break. Many studies have demonstrated Summer Learning Loss - where students forget a lot of what they have been taught in the previous school year. This is imperative for students with important exams in the next academic year; there is no time to waste on revisiting topics. They need to be in a place to start the new school year refreshed and ready to learn new material. Helping your child to set up a study plan & get into a routine is a good starting point. Whether that's an hour a day or a set time each week. Start by focussing on what homework needs to be completed & help them identify subjects that would benefit from study consolidation. The core subjects & subjects students struggle with are certainly the most important ones to target. It can be difficult for parents to find the time to help their children with everything, especially if they are still working, have other siblings to consider or are trying to balance everything & make the family holiday work. A personal tutor can help to alleviate that stress & pressure by working with students to ensure they cover everything before they return to school in September. Using a personal tutor can also aid in stretching students, increasing their learning over the holiday period; helping them to return to school further ahead, rather than further behind. Studies show that a strategy to deal with Summer Learning Loss will certainly reduce it and can eliminate it, taking away the stress & concern for parents, helping them to enjoy their family time & fully relax knowing that the study side of things has been factored in and taken care of.

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