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Planning Ahead ...

By tutorsvalley January 25th,2018

All children progress at different rates but to get a good start in secondary school we need to make sure pupils are at a certain level as they near the end of Year 6. Whatever path they are following; comprehensive, grammar or private school support at this important transition point is imperative and can help to avoid a lot of anxiety. It can also help build confidence and self esteem. With average class sizes of 30 pupils in state schools it can be hugely beneficial for a student to have 1-1 tuition. Not only does it help them gain specific subject knowledge but it also grows their confidence and helps them flourish. Ideally, 1-1 tuition should be put in place during the early stages to avoid any last minute panics, but equally an intensive block of tutoring sessions can really help students to focus on specific exams. Positive feedback from a tutor on a one to one basis can be invaluable for a student. Reassuring them that they are on the right path and motivating them to strive and stretch themselves. With the right attention and the right tutor students can often achieve much better grades than they thought they could. With the new curriculum changes in place now focussing on individual needs has never been more important.

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