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Advanced MS Office

Tutors Valley is now offering Advanced MS Office training with theory and practical, which will help students who are looking for more proficiency in MS.


IT Courses



Duration: 40 Hours  Module: Learn Java By Example
Sl no Topic to be Covered Theory Practice sessions
1 Introduction to computers, concepts related to computers, memory & operating system, introduction to windows, working with files &  folders, creating folders, deleting, renaming, working with accessories. Theory Practice sessions
2 Introduction to word, creating documents, cut, copy, paste, and font options, paragraph, indents, bullets and nos, header footer, auto text,  Theory Practice sessions
3 Working with columns, images, drawing tools, auto correct, protecting documents thesaurus ,border and shading.Working with tables-insert & draw, mail merge and window options. Theory Practice sessions
4 Introduction to excel, formatting text, conditional formating, using formulas,if statements,.Working with data, filter, sorting, sub-totals, goal seek, pivot tables, transferring of data b/w sheets Theory Practice sessions
5 Sheet links, freezing panes, split windows, arrange windows, arrange windows, Advanced features in excel.working with charts Theory Practice sessions
6 Introduction to power point, creating presentation, views in power point, graphs and animation. Theory Practice sessions
7 Applying background, slide designs, up setting up timings for slides, effects, drawing on slides, working with auto content wizards, assignment on PPT. Theory Practice sessions
8 Introduction to internet terminologies in internet, concepts related to internet, requirement for internet, uses, creating an email ID, sending & receiving mails, attachments, browsing of various sites. Theory Practice sessions