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Science (PRIMARY) Maths (PRIMARY) Maths (SECONDARY) Science (SECONDARY) Maths (GCSE) Physics (GCSE) English (PRIMARY) History (PRIMARY) Geography (PRIMARY) Music (PRIMARY) Computing (PRIMARY) SAT's (PRIMARY) Kidsmart (PRIMARY) English (SECONDARY) History (SECONDARY) Music (SECONDARY) Geography (SECONDARY) Computing (SECONDARY) Biology (SECONDARY) English (GCSE) History (GCSE) Geography (GCSE) Music (GCSE) Computing (GCSE) Biology (GCSE) Chemistry (GCSE) English Literature (GCSE) English (A LEVEL) Maths (A LEVEL) Business studies (A LEVEL) Psychology (A LEVEL) History (A LEVEL) Geography (A LEVEL) Music (A LEVEL) Physics (A LEVEL) Biology (A LEVEL) Chemistry (A LEVEL) English literature (A LEVEL) Computer Science (A LEVEL) Art and Design (A LEVEL) Law tuition (A LEVEL) Economics (A LEVEL) Sociology (A LEVEL) Graduation (DEGREE)
Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh

I am a teacher from last 11 years and still have the same passion for teaching.My classes are very interactive and students have the full freedom to ask their doubts.

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Have completed bachelors of education in maths and science.

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