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I am a Masters holder in Biotechnology and microbiology. Working with young people is very enjoyable to me. I have volunteered to coordinate a Science Club at the local school for P6 students, where I designed, planned, demonstrated and conducted Biology and Chemistry activities as well as assisted the sessions in other disciplines. Simplifying of complex concepts enabled even pupils with little knowledge of the subject to appreciate its basic principles. This provided a knowledge in adapting topics to the pupils’ ability and using lucid examples to deliver the ideas. The Club members took part in STEM celebrations (North East Celebration of Young Engineers and Science Clubs) at Aberdeen Science Centre and won the title of ‘Regional Science Club of the year 2017’. This was a great achievement because a couple of pupils in the team had additional needs, as well as due to the time frame in which projects were delivered. This gave me confidence to work with pupils with varied requirements. The Science Club also helped me to develop on skills such as team building, pragmatic planning, negotiations and actually working in a team. Being a STEM Ambassador, I have also conducted science activities in schools. I work as Science lecturer at North East Scotland College, Aberdeen. I handle two courses there, one of which is a National 5 Laboratory Science course for pupils from Aberdeen City and Shire schools. This has given me an understanding on modulating my lesson delivery according to the varied needs of the pupils. I also supervise the practical activities performed by the pupils, oversee their health and safety and assess their work. I hold the responsibility of safeguarding and ensuring both the physical and mental well-being of the pupils at the time of the class. Presently, I am preparing the students of the theory course for their assessments as well. The completion of this course depends on working on a pre-planned schedule. Thus, I have received a good insight on what it takes to the successful completion of a class and able to contribute towards it. I have also work as a relief Pupil Support Assistant for Aberdeen City and Shire Schools including Banchory, Inverurie, Westhill, Kemnay and Lochside Academies. I support students with additional needs with issues regarding but not limited to spelling, scribing, reading and help teachers in classroom management. I have dealt with confidential information regarding pupils and its proper documentation of the information. My suggestions in the class and interventions giving importance to pupil welfare have resulted in positive learning outcomes. I have been able to effectively communicate with the pupils so as to modulate the class work facilitating better learning. This had a positive effect on demotivated pupils who wanted to perform better in their lessons. The job has also helped me to perceive principles SHANARRI and GIRFEC and act according to it. Currently under furlough due to lockdown, I work as a research technician in a pharmaceutical company. The job has given me an idea of skills and knowledge needed in the Bioscience industry. This knowledge will help me guide the students regarding their further career Through my jobs, I have also proven myself as an adaptable person who can change the working style according to the changing needs and challenges which is vital in the teaching profession. I am confident that these experiences prove my eligibility as a candidate for the PGDE course and that my enthusiasm in working with young people and passion in the subjects will help me to be a successful teacher.

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