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With online classes, students benefit from one-to-one tuition in a our state-of-the-art virtual classroom, and because classes can take place from wherever you happen to be, no valuable lesson time is wasted on commuting, an hour booked is an hour spent studying.

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We have had many requests for small group classes and will soon be launching to add to our 1-1 bespoke tutor classes. The benefits are small dedicated classes to enhance learning at reduced costs. Email us today to register your interest and let us know what subjects and year group you would be interested in.

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Adam A.

  • 1 Student
  • 2 Classes
  • 22.5 /Hr
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Working as a pharmacist at a senior level I have significant experience in teaching and tutoring. I teach medical students and allied healthcare professionals on a range of topics. At present I am undertaking my PGCE in secondary school and have tutored a range of students over the last several years. I teach chemistry upto GCSE and Biology upto A level. My Interest is in teaching dyslexic students where I am hoping to gain my diploma once I have completed my PGCE.

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Bukola A.

  • 1 Student
  • 1 Class
  • 20 /Hr
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I am an experienced tutor based in Birmingham, UK, specializing in business, economics, finance and science. With a Master's in Business Administration and a Bachelor's in Science, I offer a unique blend of knowledge. I empower students to apply knowledge and excel in their courses

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Freen M.

  • 0 Students
  • 0 Classes
  • 45 /Hr
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I am an award-winning educator with over a decade of lecturing/ tutoring experience. I have most recently worked as a Senior Lecturer of Business and Esports at a University in Birmingham. I have worked for a variety of FE and HE institutions and received a Spotlight on Great Teaching Award 2023 nominated by students. I am PGCE qualified and have a QTLS, Marketing Degree and a CIPD. I have 100% exam success rate to date. As a Senior Lecturer my role has predominantly been focused on creating a successful and high-quality curriculum. I have previous experience in teaching all aspects of Business, Finance, Economics, HR, Management, Marketing, Professional Development, Esports, English, Study Skills and CV Writing. Many of my FE students have been accepted into Russell Group Universities and I have helped learners with their UCAS applications/ references. In addition, my HE students have 100% achievement rate for the modules I have created and delivered. I offer a bespoke tutoring approach catering to the specific needs of the student. I am very friendly and offer a relaxed approach ensuring the learner is comfortable and confident with the teaching and learning environment. As well as English, I speak fluent Punjabi and Urdu.

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