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Amber J.

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I have been a musician from a young age and have ten years of performing experience in national and international shows and festivals. I know what it’s like to be an absolute beginner and not know anything and how frustrating that can be. I want to use my experiences and training to help build, grow, and encourage youth to change their lives through the power of music. I want to help them achieve their goals no matter how big or small. My experiences being a musician and performer from a young age and being in productions specifically youth have prepared me well for this role by literally being in the shoes/position of the people i will be teaching. I can use my experience from being on both sides as the person learning/ taking a class/course and from the performer/ teacher. I have taken and still take lessons and with an internationally known musician that is in a position i personally want to be in one day and i can pull from everything I’ve learned about songwriting and vocals from him. I can the different vocal techniques i have learned from personal vocal lessons and the Melissa Cross “Sing/ Speak” Program and help people get started as a vocalist and learn the basics or help them improve and build on what they already have. I want to take everything at each persons on pace. For me its about what they want to do and what they are comfortable with and using that to their advantage. Being a musician and a vocalists is a really really personal journey and every person is different and unique and that’s something to always remember and be really really proud of.Taking lessons and teaching lessons privately has shown me what its like to see progress personally and see progress and confidence grow in other people and the most exciting thing about taking lessons and teaching is seeing someone grow and gain confidence and achieve their goals and then set bigger goals and work towards those.

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