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With online classes, students benefit from one-to-one tuition in a our state-of-the-art virtual classroom, and because classes can take place from wherever you happen to be, no valuable lesson time is wasted on commuting, an hour booked is an hour spent studying.

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Annabelle D.

  • 9 Students
  • 137 Classes
  • 22.5 /Hr
5 (0  Ratings)

I am a confident, committed and enthusiastic tutor, keen on building my tutees educational prospects and abilities. I am a University of Surrey Graduate, having taken a BSc in Psychology. I have been tutoring for 6 years and have had very positive reviews. I am very committed to helping my pupils and I keep up to date with the best resources to help them get the best grades. I find my pupils enjoy the sessions and look forward to the benefits of their hard work! I help in 11+ exams, including English, Maths, Non-verbal and Verbal reasoing. I focus on teaching the correct exam techniques to enable my pupils to improve their marks. This I reinforce with practice through examples, past papers and exam questions. I help my pupils analyse their mistakes and explore why certain answers are correct and gain higher marks, ensuring they have a full understanding of the subject. My previous tutoring experience allowed me to meet high expectations and deliver consistent support and learning for pupils and parents. My tutees enjoyed my effective and engaging tuition and achieved faster and greater improvement in their subjects. I tutored daily in my gap year so have a large amount of experience, from helping very young pupils aged 5 and 6 in English and Maths, to 16 and 17 year old pupils in A level Psychology. I am currently tutoring two 10 year old boys in preparation for the 11+, and a 6 year old girl. This includes verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, maths and comprehension and lots of help with spellings. Other than that I have had a wide range of pupils, I have tutored an A level student, 3 GCSE students, 4 KS3 students and 8 primary school children.

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Daniel M.

  • 0 Students
  • 0 Classes
  • 15 /Hr
5 (0  Ratings)

Having graduated with a 2.1 BA degree in English Literature with Creative Writing at the University of Hertfordshire, I have been tutoring English and Maths for four years, as well as some English Adult Learners. I have further experience of teaching drama workshops in primary schools and secondary schools, as well as often leading acting improvisation sessions at a drama group I belong to. I have further experience of Modern Hebrew tutoring. I tutor English for all stages from Nursery up to and including A-level standard. I tutor Maths for all ages up to KS3. I also tutor Drama for KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE. Having tutored a variety of children of various ages, I have been able to nurture a great diversity of teaching methods having learnt to adapt my teaching methods to the different styles of learning that inspire and engage different students, but also guiding students to think independently. I have always nurtured a very creative vision, ensuring that I am always able to make learning a fun experience in order to encourage those Eureka moments. I have strong ambition and determination in running my tutoring business, inspiring youngsters with my passion for education, ensuring children succeed to their full potential. I have strong abilities in planning and organisation, through regularly formulating lesson plans, including doing starter games. I have shown strong abilities in planning and organisation, through regularly formulating lesson plans, including doing starter games. I have strong organisational skills in completing my lessons plans, in setting homework, in providing educational resources, in marking homework. I always have a loose structure that I am also able to adapt and be flexible with that lesson plan. I have solid empathetic abilities, so I am able to relate to the needs and worries of the student, and I am considerate of their learning styles, to ensure they are able to achieve their educational goals and in order that they reach their full potential. I am able to encourage students, gaining their trust, but also able to provide constructive feedback for improvements. I focus on improvements and solutions, as opposed to problems and criticism.

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Rosie H.

  • 2 Students
  • 22 Classes
  • 22.5 /Hr
4.7 (3  Ratings)

experienced TEFL qualified english (ESL) teacher

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