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Manchester , England

PROFILE My name is Mrs Neelam Farooq and I am an A level Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology tutor. I have recently secured a part time post as an Cambridge Examiner for A level Mathematics & Further Mathematics. I was awarded a teacher grade of 1 Outstanding during my recent A level Mathematics class observation at Clarendon Sixth Form College. I am a mature teacher and have entered the teaching profession after having gained much experience in Medical School prior to changing my career preference to Mathematics and completing my PGDE Mathematics Post 16 (A level Maths teacher) followed by my MA in Mathematics. I went onto complete my Masters In Mathematics Education successfully at King’s College London and was invited back to conduct teaching fieldwork for the University when they require me to do so. I am currently employed as a supply based A level Mathematics lecturer, where I teach further mathematics, mechanics, statistics and pure modules. I am looking forward to working with yourselves in a remote working arrangement.

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