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I am a hard-working and diligent individual, and have had a variety of jobs and roles over the past few years, that I believe have given me the necessary skills to excel in the field. My role as an Assistant Manager currently at Deloitte, has allowed me to flourish in the capacity of leadership and organization. I work closely with teams of various sizes, which has allowed me to develop and hone my communication and management skills, which is something I believe will be crucial in this role, having to put out fires, and meet the needs of customers. My role also brings me into contact with senior members in large firms, and thus I have had the pleasure and the opportunity of managing relationships and sometimes even having difficult conversations. Working on many different types of projects, I often have to adapt my skills towards different goals and targets, and so I am flexible. This is another trait that I trust will be important in the considered role. At university, balancing my extra-curricular priorities with the increasing need for personal study has allowed me to continue working with increasing academic independence. Since my first year, I pursued a variety of interests, actively participating in the UCL Tamil Society and the UCL Parkour Society. I was fortunate enough to be elected to the role of General Secretary for the UCL Tamil Society, acting as a backbone, assisting with record keeping and remaining an acting ambassador for the society. This responsibility allowed me to develop a variety of skills that include communicational and initiative that will enable me to establish and maintain strong links within your firm. Through my engineering design project, laboratory experiments, and other group activities, I developed upon existing skills such as organisation and teamwork, being able to interchange effectively between being a team player and a team leader.

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