Secondary School Tuition

The transition to secondary school is momentous step for children, and typically one filled with nervous excitement and wonder. If your child has been admitted to the school of their choice, it's likely the whole family invested considerable time and effort to reach this crucial stage. While undoubtedly a significant achievement, the next step in a child's learning paves the way for far greater things, providing the opportunity for a child to build on this strong foundation and progress to their full potential.

Pupils experience a steep learning curve upon entering secondary or senior education. At Key Stage 3, students take on the full range of foundation subjects in addition to core subjects. These additional subjects will offer great variety, building on students' existing key skills, but they will also be challenging.

As children move into Year 10 and Key Stage 4, school and homework intensifies considerably. In preparation for GCSE exams, many children experience significant  benefits from one-to-one tuition in addressing stumbling blocks and barriers to success.

At both Key Stages 3 and 4, children can start to fall behind, and intervention is needed as gaps in knowledge can escalate surprisingly quickly if not addressed. Expert support in the form of online tuition can enable children to progress far faster than they could with parental help or self-study.

Parents can look for certain signs and indicators that their child or children could benefit from private tuition. Firstly, if he or she has expressed concern over their grades or struggles with homework. If they are feeling unmotivated or lacking in confidence. Perhaps your child's teacher has recommended supplementing class teaching with additional tuition, in which case this is something you should seriously consider. Finally, if you are preparing your child for GCSE exams or their equivalency in the UK, then you may want to make use of home tuition to boost confidence and address knowledge gaps. 

We offer minimum 60 minutes sessions


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We offer minimum 60 minutes sessions


More about this course