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The 13+ is the common entrance exam taken by students in Year 8. The exams assesses students' knowledge in core subjects including, English, mathematics and science, in addition to a range of  subjects selected from; geography, history, modern languages, Latin and RE. Exam papers are based on the National Curriculum programme of study for key stage 3, while the 11+ is based on key stage 2.

Good preparation is crucial. While the examination process is intense for pupils, and typically spans a number of days, you can start to lay the groundwork well in advance. Ensuring children have a robust knowledge of the relevant subjects and are able to handle test environments will instil confidence and a can-do attitude in your child.

Some schools operate a pre-test or assessment day in advance of the common entrance, and this process can take place up to two to three years before your child's planned entry. While schools may have their own unique approach in structuring tests and assessments, for both 11 and 13+ there will be a focus on your child's talents and potential, as well their extra-curricular hobbies and interpersonal skills. After successfully passing pre-tests, your child will be offered a place, which is usually dependent on later passing the common entrance.

It's a good idea check important dates and deadlines with your chosen schools to ensure you have plenty of time to prepare. Generally speaking though, 13+ exams are taken in autumn, spring or summer term of Year 8.

We offer minimum 60 minutes sessions

13+ Exams

The 13+ exam The 13+ is the common entrance exam taken by students in Year 8. The...

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