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The 11+ exam

The 11+ common entrance (CE) examination is taken by children in Year 6 (11+), while in Year 8, the entrance exam is referred to as the 13+. Admission exams for independent girls' schools typically take place in Year 6, while for boys and mixed schools, it's Year 8.

The Independent Schools Education Board (ISEB) sets the common entrance exams for its schools, but some schools will set their own tests. As with both the 11 and 13+, it's important to find out well in advance which option your chosen school is using to help your child better prepare.

Entrance tests gauge pupils' ability in English, mathematics, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. School places at academic institutions using the 11+ test are often highly-sought after, meaning pupils have to be able to demonstrate consolidated knowledge in these key areas.

With fully qualified mathematics and English teachers who possess expert subject knowledge, we can guide and coach children in preparation for the 11+ entrance exam. We make use of relevant learning materials and mock test papers as practice tools to create an exam-like environment. This familiarises students with exam materials and gives them the opportunity to learn how to effectively manage their time under test conditions.

Our tutors work closely with pupils to identify any knowledge gap areas, and this enables us to develop a tailored education plan specific to a child's needs. Preparing your child for the important transition will help make the move from primary to senior school as seamless as possible. Typically, pupils preparing for the 11+ will have to go through a two-stage entrance assessment; exam and interview and our specialist 11+ English and mathematics tutors can support this entire process. 

We offer minimum 60 minutes sessions

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Preparation for 11+ exam The 11+ common entrance (CE) examination is taken by...

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