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What Makes A Successful English Tutor?

By tutorsvalley October 15th,2019

The number of students learning English as a second language is drastically improving, but the tutors are not in proportion with it. Despite having training and qualifications, a tutor should possess many skills that are essential to get the best output from them. An imaginative English tutor will make the tutoring lively and engaging. If there is no imagination, tutoring will be simply for learning. Students won’t think beyond their syllabus. Therefore, you need to be a highly imaginative tutor which makes you a successful tutor.

Maintain A Strong Relationship With The Student


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The role of a tutor is entirely different from that of teachers and parents since they can maintain a more personal relationship with them while learning. The trust created by a student depends upon the strength of the personal relationship created by the tutor. It will boost the performance of a student. A tutor who successfully establishes a bond with the student can teach realizing the strengths of the student, helping a student to lessen the deficiencies of the student. A tutor who truly cares about you will only make you a successful English learner. Students’ attitudes, motivation and behaviour rely on the genuineness of the tutor. If you strive to create a strong bond with them, then your students would work harder.

Make Tutoring Innovative


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Two words describe a successful English tutor- Unique and Innovative. Students like innovative tutors who always think outside the box, coming up with new ideas and experimenting with fresh concepts. Instruction can also be through workshops and one-time in-services to online classes, which could provide students with a different learning experience. It must be arranged giving importance to the convenience of the tutor. You should impart necessary study skills to the students to study English. A tutor must emphasize the four basic communication skills essential for effective communication along with grammar and vocabulary. Ensure that students are aware of the exam content and also ensure exam oriented practice.

Maintain Student Orientation


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A student who feels disorientation in class won’t improve until they develop an interest in it. Find out if the student has a goal in their mind and establish a connection with your lesson plans with the goal. If the lessons help them, then they will be more willing to learn. Practice learner-centred education since students learn better when they engage in doing things. The journey to becoming a successful tutor involves understanding what the student wants and engage in fulfilling their learning needs. Create Independent thinking and Interdependence

One of the main intentions of a tutor should be to help students develop the desire and ability to think on their own. Only if a tutor is independent, then they could inculcate independent thinking in students. An independent tutor guides a student in making them think of their own. Independent thinking is all about thinking without the help of others on your own, which is highly beneficial for becoming a successful tutor. Dependent thinkers would not respond to whatever we teach them, and they won’t ask you questions, which means that they fail to process what you taught. Only an independent thinker would respond to what they see or hear. On the other hand, Interdependence is equally beneficial. A successful tutor possesses interdependence. Therefore, a student goes through three stages: Dependent, Independent and Interdependent. A tutor who could relate to situations and people would emerge successfully in tutoring. Interdependent people have many qualities like positivity, convincing, friendly, strong and practical.



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The ability to adapt is the greatest gift that you will possess after you become an online tutor. We don’t know when a student needs help, and you can offer help using a tutor’s toolbox. A tutor should be able to adapt with the students whom they tutor. A student will be more adaptable if they take responsibility for their learning. Your approach should be such that you should take into consideration the different needs of a student. A student can begin by asking what they are aware of and what they want to know more. Throughout the sessions, a tutor must be able to track a student’s academic progress and change the way of tutoring if it’s not working. But if you have adaptability, then you can determine the best method to explain a concept. When a tutor possesses adaptability, they become more autonomous. Through this way, we can decide on which way would best explain a concept.

Try Tutoring Uniquely


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Only if you teach differently, then you will be able to stand out from the rest of the tutors. The age group and grade of your student will determine the method in which you are tutoring. Your tutoring session becomes more lively and active if you are using educational games and activities since younger students love such type of classes. In the case of older students, studying in high school or college, then you can incorporate technology into your tutoring method. Online tutoring itself is unique, since it employs a uniquely focused method of instruction. Tutoring uniquely is the shortcut method to become a successful tutor.

Customize Tutoring According To The Needs Of The Student


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Tutoring method is the same for most tutors and tutoring students becomes monotonous. Tutoring method varies from one tutor to the other. If you have the intention of becoming a successful tutor, then you should change your tutoring style. You should take into consideration the various requirements of the students. Some students need an explanatory instruction compared to others. Modulate your lessons according to the age group of your students. Demonstrative methods work in the case of young children since they respond better.

Becoming a successful online tutor is not a tough task. We should not only succeed in teaching but also work to make the student successful as well. A tutor should never stop learning and should improve their tutoring. According to the subject which you are tutoring, we need various approaches like being innovative, independent, friendly and engaging and this makes you a successful tutor.